In a world where we were basically condemned to sit at home most of the time, due to a global pandemic, people had to find new ways to entertain themselves. The internet was helpful in that regard, most notably because we could find all types of entertainment online, from streaming TV shows and movies, to watching all sorts of internet personalities go about their day during the hard times.

Some people would play online bingo and use bonus codes like this fabulous bingo bonus code. Everyone had their way of entertainment, but the people who were hit the most were the ones who liked to exercise indoors, particularly in the gym. Alternative exercise methods had to be employed, like indoor cycling.

However, technology helped us in this regard, with VR cycling being the next logical step. It has become wildly popular and here is why.

The Global Pandemic

When you are forced to sit indoors for most of your time, with some countries having curfews, you don’t want to be caught outside when you shouldn’t be there. The fines are huge and the stress is unnecessary.

Cyclists and those who preferred to travel by bicycle had no other choice but to start using VR cycling applications. With either a stationary bicycle or in the case of more serious cyclists, their actual bicycle on a roller or trainers, and start exploring or racing in VR. When you are not given an alternative, you can still find workarounds to explore your passion. 

Luckily, technology is there to back us up.

It’s Practical

What if it is an extremely rainy day or an extremely unpleasant season, such as winter? Very few people go cycling in winter, the reasons being quite obvious, from very cold weather, sudden storms, to gusts of wind which can literally move you.

Nothing beats the practicality of being able to exercise whenever you want to, without having to meet any criteria other than getting up and sitting on your bicycle, in this case. No gyms are necessary, favorable weather conditions, special clothing, just a bicycle, a trainer or roller and an application. Practicality is popular, as is entertainment. Having a bland old exercise session without any entertainment can be tedious, especially when you’re at home and are supposed to pedal for multiple kilometers or miles, sometimes hundreds of them.

It’s Fun

Nothing beats having fun, particularly when you can exercise while doing it. Exercise doesn’t always have to be this process where you suffer and are miserable most of the time. Sure, exercising by its very nature is hurting your own body so that it becomes stronger.

However, when you do it in virtual reality, things are at least a bit more entertaining. When you don’t have the time or the conditions to go outside and cycle for hours, you can do a quick virtual tour at home. 

A virtual tour and exercise is definitely more fun than sitting in silence and exercising. You actually see new environments rather than starting at your carpet, floor or other part of your home.

Virtual reality is slowly getting more popular and VR cycling is making use of that, with many applications that now allow you to cycle and explore a virtual world. VR cycling has been on the rise and there are good reasons for it, some of which were stated above.