If you commute on a daily basis and have no time to get stuck in regular traffic or just like staying mobile, then bicycles are a great choice for you. They’re cheaper and have the extra benefits of doubling up as a workout.

You can also pack something extra on the bicycle, the commuter ones come equipped for transport, usually.

Take a look at these tips to know which bicycles to shop for and what to avoid when purchasing this two-wheeled mode of transport.


Appropriately nicknamed, these bicycles will be a great choice if you plan on transporting extra weight. While there are many brands with many good products such as Cannondale, Trek, Giant, Scott and many more, they are on the more expensive side.

When it comes to a good transport bicycle, you want a solid, steel frame, as it tends to break less frequently than an aluminum frame. Add bumps and all the extra tension that it eventually will go through and you might end up with a broken frame. That’s not something you want.

Finding a good, solid steel frame is a must. The next thing to look at are good sets of wheels and tires. Add a rack and front basket and you’re good to go.

Speed Commuting

If you’re surrounded by nicely paved roads without many potholes, a road bike is the best option for commuting.

If you have lots of money, upwards of 4000 dollars, Trek’s Super Commuter+ series is great for you. If, however, you’re not made of money, then Cannondale’s Bad Boy 1 should be a great choice. Giant’s SCR1 Road Bike is also a good alternative. All of these bikes come with their own reflective surfaces. Racks are a must have, albeit you can always change it if it feels inadequate.

Take note that these kinds of bicycles usually come with a thinner set of tires. That means that you should avoid speeding over bumps, any kinds of holes, including sewer drains.

Folding Bicycles

Do you want to save as much space as possible? Say no more, folding bicycles exist for a reason. They were invented a long time ago, back in 1900, for military purposes. Over the last century or so, they evolved into what we have today, compact folding bicycles or full size folding bicycles.

The compact ones are smaller in size, the wheels and frame are smaller, to be precise, yet the distance between the saddle and pedals and saddle and the handlebars remains identical to that of a full-size bicycle. You can get the full experience of cycling at a fraction of a size. This is great for people who live in smaller apartments.

With small sizes comes a great price, however. The folding mechanisms are expensive and brands like Brompton or Dahon charge a premium for their products.

Any of these will get you through the day. Do a bit more research on the brands available to you, based on what your requirements are and have a fun time commuting.