Having a lot of time on your hands is great if you know what to do with that time. A long trip in a car can be very, very burdening if you do not know what to do, lack the music or the proper entertainment.

Since it is a modern age, smartphones are available to everyone and at an affordable price at that, so you can have your entertainment wherever you go.

Here are some games, both offline and online, to consider before you go on that long trip.


The online world is full of games that you can spend time on, never having to fear that you’ll be without fun. Provided you have the mobile data, you can play different types of games, from real-time multiplayer games to those which load in a second or two and you just play.

Casino Games

Online casinos are very frequent today and can be found on both mobile phones, as applications which you can download, or you can visit their sites, which are optimized for mobile devices, given how many people will have a mobile device.

Ranging from card games to slot machines, you can play blackjack online against the computer or indulge in other card games, which are multiplayer.

The Browser Classics

These are called classics and even though they carry names such as Snake 3310 or Tetra which turns out to be Tetris, essentially. Matching games like Candy Rain 2 or pinball games like Zoo Pinball, you are set to relive some of your childhood in the arcade, if you happened to be a child during that time.

Marking the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man, World’s Biggest Pac-Man is a free to play game which has some variations to the original. You can access other mazes because the corridors are not closed. This lead to the creators allowing custom maze additions and the game now has more than ten thousand mazes. Talk about having time to spend, now.

Quick, Draw is an amazing game where you need to draw out the objects described in order for an AI to recognize them afterward. A great experience for the up and coming artists.

Offline Games

If you’re the kind of person who does their preparation beforehand, offline games are also great, especially given how they spend no mobile data.


A monochromatic game where a young boy goes into another world, searching for his lost sister. It tends to leave a person sad, yet it is also beautiful and very capable of drawing you in.

Blockbuster PC Ports

While Limbo is also a PC port, it wasn’t that much of a blockbuster as GTA: Vice City was. Available on Android and iOS, it is one game that can take you back. Square Enix’s hits such as Chrono Trigger and many Final Fantasy games are also available for the mobile phones.

Whether you plan ahead and download games or you’re more of an on the go person, there are always solutions to long trips and video games help.