Winter is a charming time of the year when you can visit certain areas which have a whole different feeling than they do in summer. For once, some destinations are less packed with tourists and more with interesting people who have their own agenda.

Here are some places to considered, divided into groups, of course.

The Cities

Cities in winter have their own special looks which you ought to explore, especially if you have the time and money as you won’t run into nearly as many tourists as you would during the high season. Plus, things are much cheaper then, more often than not. Consider these cities for your next winter.

New York

New York, as told by people living in it, becomes very cold during winter, but even more beautiful. Its skies get a very distinct blue color and when it snows, you get streets and parks covered in heaps of it. It might be very cold, but it is another reason to cuddle up by a fireplace.


While Paris might be at the top of a lot of people’s minds, Rome is as beautiful if not more. There are almost no tourists, at least nowhere to the number you get during summer and the weather is not as brutally cold as New York would get, while at the same time, being cheaper than during the season. A great time to visit Italy’s capital.


Go north and you will find the capital of Germany. This city also turns cold in winter, so cold, in fact, that its lakes can freeze over. Notably, it has many shops open during the winter season, some huge, some small and homey. Bring warm clothes and a good winter mood.


Head on over to France for a nice winter rest, where the rich and powerful used to go for their winter holidays not too long ago. Nowadays, a city full of museums and galleries, representatives of culture, as well as cafes and bars, the other side of culture, is just a treat in winter. The weather is cool but not as cool as some of its northern siblings.


Austria’s capital is on the colder side but thriving with life, which only gets better in winter. Shops, cafes, decoration, a solid layer of snow. The people also love it, and it’s a city which has its fair share of winter-loving tourists.

The Mountains

Having a winter vacation is nothing without some winter sports. Snowboarding, skiing, take your pick. There are many resorts around the world which you could visit, many of which have 5 star accommodation.

When it comes to the mountains, pack a lot of warm clothes and a solid pair of boots. Never skip out on the boots.

These destinations should give you a hint where you could spend your winter holidays. Plan ahead and do a little more research and you might find even more “golden” cities which are even more vibrant during winter.