When you love a team so much that you must go to their sports event even though you are short on cash and it would mean eating crumbs for the rest of the month can make your life a bit more complicated.

It is worth thinking about skipping such an event, even though that team is your personal and sometimes national treasure. You’ve never missed a game, whether a live broadcast or live at the event, you’ve even given up on bingo promotions so that you would be able to bet on your team, but now there’s a challenge.

There is about 1000 km separating you from your team’s event. Is it worth it to pay the price of going to the said event, the trip, the food and the fatigue? There is no easy answer but two perspectives.

No – You can Support Your Team/Athlete from Anywhere

The first and foremost argument is that whether you watch your athlete or team compete will not affect their score, but rather your own experience. They will perform the same way whether you are watching a broadcast or themselves sweating towards victory.

Secondly, there is always the question of money, or lack the lack of money, which is what will happen after you pay for the ticket, transport and accommodation.

Thirdly, going to such an event usually means taking time off work, as even though events take place on weekends, they are also frequent during the working days. Taking a day or two off, depending on how much time you will need to complete your trip, can be detrimental in the eyes of your superiors.

Finally, in this day and age, even though going to a live event is as fun as always, there are numerous ways of rewatching it or sometimes even specific scenes from an event. Online video sharing sites help immensely in that regard.

Yes – Your Favorite Athlete or Team Needs You

Regardless of how much a trip would cost, you can take the time and the money you need for it and just go. If you keep skipping out on such events, who is going to live your life for you and see what you wanted to see?

Similarly to shows from your favorite musicians which you had to see, such is the case with sports events. No matter how far away, there is always a shorter, less expensive path.

Planning ahead always works, getting the ticket before the event is even in sight and finding people to travel with. If someone is going by car or their own mode of transportation, you can hop in. Sometimes, people organize their own vans or buses and make the trip much more fun and less expensive.

Accommodation does not have to be pricey, you can sleep in a tent or in the bus or car. There are many costs which you can cut in order to make your trip cheap, if money is a problem.

Whether or not it is really worth it to visit a sports event cannot be answered by a simple yes or no. There are many good things about going to an event, yet there are also a lot of negatives if you travel for every single event. This is a question which only you can answer, for yourself and the event that’s coming up for your favorite team.