Sometimes, having extra baggage comes with an extra price. Many people feel that they shouldn’t need to pay such a price, yet they still do not know how to pack. There are ways to cram as much stuff as possible in your carry on bag and get away with it.

Here are some ways you can pack a carry on bag without hurting yourself in the long run.

The Bag Itself

The bag is even more important sometimes than what and how you pack stuff in it. If you take an over the shoulder bag, you might end up with a lot of strain on one side of your body. A backpack is usually the best choice if you plan on carrying your stuff.

If, however, you plan on taking a case with a handle and wheels, you should always look for better brands due to them having lighter stuff. If your case alone is 10% of the maximum weight limit, then that might be a bit too much. The same goes when looking at backpacks and bags in general, though they tend to be on the lighter side.

Preparation is Key

Prepare your stuff before you cram it all in. Lay your clothes out somewhere and plan ahead, packing everything into tight spaces. Vacuum bags help here, as they can get the unnecessary air out and thus have reduced weight and size.

Remember that clothes are often flexible and can be placed almost anywhere. Organize your stuff so that you optimize for space and weight.

The Right Clothes and Footwear

Realizing that you do not need five pairs of shoes when going on a 7 day trip is a great thing. It can save you weight, space and oftentimes, pain. High heels take a lot of space and are a nuisance to wear. Men, forget all about your fancy shoes.

Versatility is great and all round shoes can really help you. Something not too formal or too casual which you can wear alongside what you are already wearing.

The clothes are another thing to consider. Ten dresses or five tuxedos is too much for a 10 day trip. Pack clothes which you will absolutely need, as you can do without more than you can imagine.

Always check the weather before embarking on any trip, even on the day of travel if possible. Weather is prone to change and that could cost you weight or a cold if it’s cooler than what you expected.

When packing, take note of the things above and remember to stay light and tight. The more you carry the more you pay and the more you burden yourself.