More and more people nowadays choose the bicycle over other vehicles for everyday transport because bikes save you money for fuel, they are environmentally friendly and also help you to stay in form. In order to enjoy your ride, you should know how to improve your biking experience and which accessories to purchase. Some of them are necessary for your safety or for bike’s longer duration, and some are just bought if you want to pimp your bike.

A lock

A good lock is a must-have accessory if you ride your bike on an everyday basis and have to park it somewhere, for example during your working hours. Using a lock will make your bike safe and it will prevent people from stealing it. There are smart locks nowadays, which allow you to connect them to your phone via Bluetooth and you get a notification every time someone touches your bike.


This accessory belongs to the group of obligatory accessories. In order to be safe when riding a bicycle at sunset or at night, you have to make sure that you possess a good headlight. If enables you to see clearly everything that is around you and it also helps other people and traffic participants to notice you.

Phone stand

This accessory can be very handy for people who ride a bicycle for a long period of time during the day. They can put their phones on the stand, and use Bluetooth headphones if they need to accept a call. A phone can also be useful for using maps and staying on track. You can download an app for counting the kilometres you pass.

A bell

A bell is not an obligatory accessory, but it is quite useful to possess because if you notice that someone can endanger you while you cycle, and usually these are careless pedestrians, you can ring it to inform them that you are approaching and that you need space to pass.

Spoke light

Spoke light can be practical for the night cyclists. It can help both the cyclist and the other traffic participants to stay safe. If you use it, other drivers or pedestrians could easily catch sight of you. Except making you safe, this light can look cool on your wheels, because it can be seen as a very interesting decorative detail.


Staying clean is one of the important things when riding a bike. You do not wish to be covered in mud and riding for hours like that. Don’t let a sudden rain ruin your adventure. That’s why mudguards are recommended for every cyclist who cares about his cycling equipment being free from dirt.

Load basket

Not only do people use a bicycle for travelling from one place to another, but they also use it for going shopping. So, instead of riding with the paper bags full of vegetables and fruits hanging down your handlebars, you can buy a nice load basket and install it on your bike and use it for transport of the things you buy.

All the things considered, when buying bike accessories, you should always buy those that keep you safe, but if you have some extra money in your pocket, you can make your bicycle authentic and decorate it with some additional equipment.