When visiting a city as a holiday destination, or just wanting to spend some time in the nature of your hometown and take a rest from work, people usually look for places with lots of green areas and parks for recreation and walks, especially if their kids accompany them. All of them seek a getaway from urban spaces and they wish to spend time in the fresh air. There are a lot of the cities all over the world which promote spending time in the outdoors. Parks are usually the best choice since they offer you different activity options.

Park Güell

This park is located in Barcelona, Spain. Designed by Antoni Gaudi in the beginning of the 20th century, it offers you a lot of lovely and colourful architecture and gardens to enjoy. People visiting this park get the idea they are in a fairytale, because of all those mosaics and chocolate-looking houses.

Luxembourg Gardens

They are located in Paris, France. Queen Marie de Medici gave the idea for creating these gardens in 1612. The area of 25 hectares is divided into two parts – English and French gardens. The boundary between these two areas is a pond and forest. By visiting this place, you can learn a lot about growing fruit and flowers or bee-keeping. There are 106 statues you can see all over the park. The kids can enjoy swings and slides.

Hyde Park

Located in London, England, this park offers you a variety of different activities to enjoy. You can play sports, because there are several football pitches and tennis courts located in the park. Horse riding down the park’s lovely paths is also a popular activity here. Serpentine Boat House is a must-see for visitors. You can rent a pedal of rowing boat and enjoy the adventure and the view. Guardsmen are also very famous among the visitors. They can be seen with their regalia, heading toward Buckingham Palace.

Central Park

This park is placed in New York City, New York, and it is internationally famous. There are a lot of films where this park is presented. Being surrounded by buildings and urban life, it is a real oasis that serves as an escape from the crowd and noise. Visitors can choose an activity they like, such as renting and riding a bike, walking, relaxing by a lake. People who like history can visit some of the museums. There are also a lot of playgrounds, so children can enjoy their visit.

All the things considered, more and more people start realizing how important it is to spend time in the open space and be active. It makes you feel content and charge your batteries after a long day at the office. This improves both your physical and mental health and improves your life quality.