Cycling is a popular sport for watching and enjoying among sports fans, but it’s not among the most popular choices when it comes to betting, because winning money here is not at all a piece of cake. People who decide to bet on cycling have to do a thorough research first, in order to get to know the winning odds and to inform about the participants, statistics and about the race in general. Others stick to online casinos and promotions such as the Tropicana Casino bonus offer, and just enjoy watching the race without the pressure of their betting choices.

The most popular event to bet on, when cycling is concerned, is Tour De France. There are different things to bet on here. You are presented with all the betting options before the Tour starts.

Main wagers are placed on the winner of the Tour and on a stage winner. Tour De France consists of 21 stages and for every stage, there is a winner on whom you can bet. You can select a stage and a winner and place a bet for every single stage. Though, it’s really difficult to guess the winner even with all the preparations before the Tour. Cyclists prepare tactics which no one knows for every stage, so you have to bet based on a hunch.

Top three finish is another attractive betting option for cycling punters. Usually, there are different sources to follow before placing a bet, in order to get informed about the cyclists who are among favourites. That’s how you can increase the odds of making a winning bet.

Time needed to finish the race is a little bit harder option for betting. Again, you have to inform about the average finish time of each cyclist and try to predict their time for the race you are betting on. Similar to the time needed to finish the race, or guessing the winner of every stage, classifications after different stages are difficult for betting. You are expected to guess the time a cyclist needs to finish multiple stages.  

The number of finishers is an interesting option to bet on. You have to keep track of the previous placement of the certain cyclists on some races that happened earlier and to find out about their stamina and physical endurance. Unfortunately, not all of them finish the race. Some of them are not prepared physically, and the race is very exhausting.

All in all, if you want to be a successful cycling punter, it is advised to invest a lot of your energy and time in keeping track of the information considering cycling and to follow the outcomes of the races. It is important as well not to invest a lot of money in this hobby since it is risky and unpredictable.