Every country has its own tradition which makes it unique and different from other countries. Food, architecture, language, and even sport are the segments of a certain country tradition.

Cricket (England)

This game originated in England in the 10th century. The name cricket comes from the Old English word cryce, which means “stick”. The space for playing this game has to be in a shape of a circle or oval. Two teams, with eleven players each, compete to score runs. In order to do this, a batsman has to run to the end of the opponent’s side.

Hurling (Ireland)

Hurling is an Irish sport which has been played for a really long time. It has a lot of similarities with the Gaelic football, like the number of players and field and goals. The aim of the game is to score goals using a small ball called sliotar and hitting it with a stick called hurley. The team consists of 15 players. Protective helmets are obligatory equipment for this sport, since this sport is really fast and injuries happen very often.

Australian rules football (Australia)

This sport is also known as footy or Aussie rules, and it is a professional sport in Australia. There is a league of 18 clubs there. The team consists of 18 players. The aim of this game is to kick an oval ball into the opponent’s goal. A game is divided into 4 quarters and each of them lasts for 20 minutes. The winner is, of course, the team that scores more goals.

Kabaddi (Bangladesh)

Kabaddi is a national sport from Bangladesh and it was played in ancient India. Two teams of seven players compete in this game. Each team has a player who has to tag as many opposing players as he can while he is holding his breath. These tagged players should try to keep this player on their side of the field and prevent him to go back to his side or make him inhale before going back. When tagging other players one has to shout the word “kabaddi”.

Lacrosse and Ice hockey (Canada)

Canada has a summer and winter version of its national sport. Lacrosse is a summer version and ice hockey is played in winter. The aim of both versions is to score a goal by inserting a ball or a puck into the goal. Players have to defend their side and prevent the opponents from scoring. Lacrosse and ice hockey are contact games which are considered to be a little bit rough. That’s why the equipment for this game is very complex. It consists of a helmet, shoulder pads, neck guard, gloves, elbow pads, etc.

Sepak Takraw (Southeast Asia)

This is the sport that is played with similar rules as volleyball, but instead of hands, players are allowed to use their feet, heads, chest, in fact, everybody part except hands, to make the contact with the soft wooden ball. There are two teams of three players. The first team to score enough points (usually 15 or 21) is the winner of the set. The winning team is the one that wins two sets in a row.