The whole world stops when the Olympics begin. It’s one of the most important sports events that happens every four years, for athletes and spectators alike. People who like to bet on sports do not miss this event, but the same goes for regular sports fans like you or me. Even if you do not follow sports from day to day, there is a high chance that you will follow the events that happen during the Olympics. And even if you don’t like sports all that much, you can still be amazed by the opening ceremonies that tend to be breathtaking. However, this year’s Winter Games have an air of uncertainty looming over them as the numbers of people infected with the Omicron virus continue to grow. 

What Is Happening?

Just three weeks before the Games, the tickets for the events weren’t available for the general audience. Moreover, air companies are changing their schedules frequently, which creates confusion among those coming to the Games. And this is due to the latest outbreak of coronavirus.

Less than a month before the Winter Games, China has over 20 million people who have been placed under quarantine in five cities. But the most alarming event occurred when the news broke about the virus spreading across Tianjin, a city just 70 miles away from Beijing. This has brought great concern to the local officials that are wondering how this might affect the upcoming Games. 

In order to get things under control once again, the local authorities in Tianjin have ordered mass testing where over 14 million people will be checked for the Coronavirus. And still, the authorities are puzzled about the 137 positive cases, since all precautionary measures were taken in this city. 

China has been one of the few countries in the world that are taking strict measures in order to maintain the “Zero Covid” standard. China was very open with its intention to eliminate the virus at all costs. 

But even next to the latest occurrences, the Winter Games organizers already laid out the plan according to with this would be the most restricted sports event in history. The health protocols included strict measures in order to prevent the virus from spreading with so many athletes, journalists, and officials pouring into the country. 

Unvaccinated athletes and other visitors will have to be for 21 days in the quarantine. Moreover, those vaccinated can’t roam around freely, but they will be restricted to certain areas until the time comes for their departure. Furthermore, they need to show two negative tests upon their arrival, and they are also to be tested on a daily basis while the Games last. Lastly, they should report about their health condition using a mobile app. 

But even next to these recent events, there is no indication that the Games will be canceled or postponed. Beijing remains open and without any additional restrictions imposed on its citizens. As officials have announced, only mainland China residents will be allowed to watch the Games, but whether or not that will change remains to be seen.