If you’re into sports but never had the chance to play and if you’re one of those shy people who can’t really connect easily and walk into an activity, then this guide is for you. Don’t go the easy way like most people who would just use the Eurojackpot promo code and play Bingo online. There are many recreational activities which you could take part in, yet some are a bit more complicated than others. Luckily, now you’ll find out which activities are the best for beginners.


This has to be the easiest thing you can start doing. It takes nothing than a pair of sneakers and the will to go outside. If you cannot do it on your own, as a friend to guide you through the process. Surely enough, you’ll be sore for the first few times, but after a week, a month, you’ll discover that you can progress really quickly.

Not only progress but actually have fun and clear your mind. Running alone is great, but you can have so much more fun with friends.


Grab a tent, a sleeping bag, some basic knowledge about lighting and maintaining a fire and head out into the mountains. Grab a friend or two, drive to your nearest mountain, find a meadow or clearing, preferably flat, place your tent and enjoy the silence and serenity.

Bring a guitar, food, all the supplies you might need and enjoy your days without having to be in the city, sitting alone and restless.

Skiing or Snowboarding

These activities require you to go to a mountain at winter, rent a board or a pair of skis and head down a slope to have a lot of fun. Well, it involves a lot of falling and clumsiness the first couple of days, but once you get the grasp of it, it gets really fun, really fast. Soon you’ll be heading down the steepest of slopes feeling the rush.

Team Sports

This one is easy, find friends or people outside who love playing football or basketball, handball even. There’s likely a court somewhere in your neighborhood that you can have fun on. Chances are, somebody is already playing and you could join in. One on ones, two versus two or an entire team, depending on the sport. It is a great way to blow off some steam in the afternoon, after work.


This is a great sport to have fun with, as you go high and fall really fast. That might scare some at first, but once you actually fall, it’s really amazing. It is a sport which you can probably start at your local climbing club, indoors most likely and after a while, take it outside. Nothing beats real rocks and the feeling of looking back at all the scenery.

There are plenty more activities to consider like fishing, sailing, rowing, swimming, tennis, golf, badminton, frisbee and even bungee jumping. All of these can be fun for newcomers, especially as they can really work your adrenaline glands. Think about it before the next weekend and try something new out.