Parks are like a treasure, especially if you live in a city, full of concrete and glass, huge buildings and streets as long as ten kilometers. It can get overwhelming if you cannot slow down and sit on a park bench, eyeing the greenery around you.

There are many parks in many cities all over the world, but these ones stand out, so check them out if you want to know where you can find a lot of green and everything in between.

Central Park – New York

There are quite a few parks as iconic as New York’s Central Park. It’s featured in everything, from video games to movies and books. It spans over an area of 3.41 square kilometers and is a very notable park with everything from castles to lakes and obelisks. If you want to go to a zoo, you have that option, as well as playing chess and checkers in their own dedicated garden. There is a meadow just perfect for sitting and enjoying the sun. What about the winter times and the Wollman Rink? Ice skating is a great option with the severe temperature drops in winter. Whatever you need for your day off, Central Park has it. Be sure to visit if you’re in New York.

Djurgården – The Stockholm Royal Park

This is a very large park, over 27 square kilometers. It has a lot of scenery for you to take in. Even though it should be fairly obvious that it has lots of trees and gardens, you should note that this park in Stockholm, the Royal Park, has over 22 museums on its territory. You think that’s it? They also have cows, horses, sheep, rivers, canals, marshes, hotels, castles, inns, swimming spots, wild nature and sports facilities. If that enough and you need more to be entertained, then worry not, they also have an amusement park. With all of that at your disposal, you will hardly be able to imagine that you’re in the country’s capital city.

Hyde Park – London

Hyde Park is a historic place filled with interesting things such as the Speaker’s Corner, where you can catch up on the recent political news. There is a spectacular Rose Garden which you should visit in early summer. That’s when the roses look their best. There’s the Serpentine River if you’d like to go boating, and the Serpentine Lido if you’re more of a swimmer. A tennis court and football pitch are available for those who are prone to running while horse riding is also an option. There are playgrounds, both for senior citizens and the youngsters alike.

Apart from major events such as shows taking place at Hyde Park, there are plenty of restaurants for you to grab lunch before you head out into the next amazing corner filled with monuments and history.

Park Güell – Barcelona

This is an amazing work of art, another great thing designed by none other than Antoni Gaudi, the renowned architect who designed many breathtaking buildings in Barcelona. Apart from Gaudi’s iconic multicolor salamander, there are many more mosaics and other colorful pieces for you to see.

These parks are but a few that stand out, and even though there are many more amazing parks in the world, you should check these out first if you have the chance.